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33 Spiritual

Which can help you to face the coronavirus challenge more peacefully, overcome many other challenges and make life deeper and more beautiful

A Journey towards the
center of the Human Heart
There is a Way ...

And only you can walk it!

33 Spiritual Discoveries

33 descobertas espirituais

1 - Impermanence

      Everything passes in this world. It includes the good things and the things that are apparently not so good. However, there is the right time to pass. Buddhist monks spend months building mandalas out of small grains of colored sand and then dismantle it completely. It is a type of training of the mind to understand that everything in this physical world (including the microscopic) is IMPERMANENT. In other words, the coronavirus damage is also impermanent and will pass. However, our responsibility and care for our health and the health of others is crucial in order to protect many lives together.

33 descobertas espirituais

2 - The good side

           Why is this moment a great opportunity for humanity? Because it is difficult to grow when we are in the comfort zone. Talking to monks in a Buddhist village in Asia, I realized that many human beings awaken consciousness only after experiencing some degree of suffering. It wouldn't have to be that way, but what happens is that human beings (in the current stage of consciousness) seek happiness in the wrong place. 

33 descobertas espirituais

3 - One for all and all for one!

           Many of us have already understood the first major message from the coronavirus. Self-centeredness (selfishness) still remains the greatest threat to our real happiness. A conscious and responsible human union can protect many lives and transform the world forever! A new horizon of genuine love is waiting for us. Our job is to open our heart chakra and keep it open!

33 descobertas espirituais

4 - Awaken the inner warrior

          The biggest victory is over ourselves. Don't waste this moment. This is the time! 

"Live half for yourself and half for others". Doshin So, creator of Shorinji Kempo, one of the most practiced martial arts in Japan's universities nowadays.

33 descobertas espirituais

5 - Build the house on the Rock, not on the beach sand.

"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock". Matthew 7: 24-25

33 descobertas espirituais

6 - How to get out of the fear bubble

        First accept that it is fear. Do not suppress it. Try to be comfort of not knowing and practice surrender to God. Be aware also that negative thoughts are destructive obstacles, which operate individually and collectively, but do not blame yourself for having them. The most powerful tool to overcome them is prayer (cry out to God! If you take a step towards Him, He will give a thousand towards you). Another important tool is the observation of the conditioned mind through meditation. The fear cloud is fleeting. Remember that you are the unshakable blue sky (the pure consciousness) behind the clouds and the storm.

33 descobertas espirituais

7 - Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

         Every bad situation has some good aspect to it.

33 descobertas espirituais

8 - Faith in Science 

        There are many researchers working hard around the world (as well as there are many beings of light vibrating in love in the spiritual plan and conscious beings in the Earth) so that we find the coronavirus effective medicine. The science is not separated from the spiritual world. Faith in science is one legitimate human right. In the new world, faith and science will go together.

33 descobertas espirituais

9. You are abundant, but maybe you forgot

        The fear of scarcity comes from the ego. Fear of lack and of what may happen in the future can cause distress, but looking deeply in the now (in the present moment) nothing is missing. True abundance comes from gratitude. When you give thanks for everything you already have (even the smallest things), you are saying to the Universe “I am abundant” and you receive more.

33 descobertas espirituais

10. Our deepest nature is good, very good!

            Despite all the chaos, insanity, pain and suffering seen in this world, which are caused by our own ignorance (ignorance of who we are), the most profound and true human nature is Love, Compassion, Joy, Abundance, Harmony and Peace.

33 descobertas espirituais

11. Know Thyself

         Our greatest purpose is to find a treasure that is hidden in a chest within us! The key to opening it is the knowledge of ourselves (Know thyself) and the three most important tools are: prayer, meditation and the courage to look inside! On the trip I saw an increasing number of people and communities around the world adventuring in this direction. Maybe 10% of people. It is likely that this number is growing fast at the moment! I have not found another way to connect with our true potential which is unlimited!

33 descobertas espirituais

12. Faith strengthens us

        Faith strengthens us in every way: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual! Find it inside you. Don't just breathe the Faith, be the Faith! In the history of mankind there has never been humans without faith. Faith is a real power. Don't just believe, be sure!


13 - Way

The Faith of many human beings (particularly in the West) points to Jesus Christ as one of the greatest examples of light, true, love and compassion that has stepped on this planet. The being that represents the highest human virtues.

Responding to Thomas on which way to follow, Jesus said: 
I am the Way, the truth and the life.
John 14: 5-6 

14 - Way

Buddha, in his first teaching after enlightenment on the four noble truths, said:

Life is full of suffering; suffering has an origin; cessation of suffering is possible; and there is a Way to this release.”

15 - Way

In the ancient Hindu scripture Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna advises Arjuna who faced the most cruel doubt of his life during the battle of Kurukshetra and did not know which Way to go:

Therefore, O Arjuna, in all circumstances, be a yogi *. 

* Which means, join the Divine. 

16 - Way

Rumi, a sufi poet from the mystical current of Islam, said:

“ It's your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you. As you start to walk on the Way, the Way appears.”

33 descobertas espirituais

17. Say yes to Love

       Planet Earth is a wonderful school of Love. Realize the great opportunity that was given to you! 
        Don´t forget that there is only one law to be followed: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength, and Love your neighbor as yourself". Mark 12: 30-31 
        Love yourself and love who is at home with you!

33 descobertas espirituais

18. Enter to the school of forgiveness

        If you want to leave this existence better than you entered, it is essential to attend the school of forgiveness and have some degree of approval. As difficult as it may be. As Jesus said: “If you love only those who love you, what will your reward be?”

19 - The Power of Presence

        This is the main focus of the spiritual practices that I saw in the East, in particular the meditation practice. Everything happens here and in the now. Events from the past occurred in the now and events from the future will occur in the now. Find your way to practice Presence through meditation. Start keeping the spine upright, the body relaxed and leave your heart calm!

20. Conscious Breathing

           Conscious breathing is the key that opens the door to the presence moment. Activities can gain power with the practice of directing the focus to the breath. Masters often say that when we access the Presence, problems disappear. It's not a joke. Every master says that. 

        I remember when a monk in Plum Village (a Buddhist village) invited me for a walk into the nature. So he said, "The key is here!", placing both hands on the abdomen to show me it expanding and contracting. Conscious breathing is a big key! 

21. Prayer and meditation!

        Science is proving what ancient wisdom and spiritual traditions have already known for millennia: prayer and meditation work and are very important tools in the Way!

33 descobertas espitituais

22. Communion with nature

Nature has the power to heal and the ability to lead us to states of internal harmony, beauty and peace. In this moment of social isolation, we will realize how crucial this contact is. For now, taking care of plants and animals in the home can help maintain the balance of the environment, as well as the people´s balance. When all is over, our reunion with nature out there (which is being healed of ourselves) will be more respectful.

33 descobertas espitituais

23. God's language comes from silence

Silence is another powerful portal to quiet the mind and to perceive reality as it is.

33 descobertas espirituais

24. Looking at the stars through the window

Contemplating the night sky helps us to remember who we are and to realize that the miracle of life has always been by our side. Look out the window ... notice that the sky is getting cleaner!

33 descobertas espirituais

25. Smile! This is spiritual!

         As Mark Twain says: The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. Use it daily!

33 descobertas espirituais

26. Celebrate Life!

        Amid thunder and storms, create space to celebrate Life! There is no problem in having fun in the world. The problem is to be identified and dependent only on external factors to be happy.

33 descobertas espirituais

27. Recreate yourself!

        You can change what you do, but the most important thing is to change “how” you do it. Your true nature is like a white canvas. You choose the form and the colors. Recreate yourself with happiness!

33 spiritual discoveries

28- Within this world there is another world

Within this world there is another world
Impervious to words.
In it, not even life fears death,
Not even spring gives way to autumn ...
... to change the landscape

Just change what you feel ... 

29. Form is Empty, Emptiness is Form

“Form is empty; emptiness is form. Emptiness is not other than form, form also is not other than emptiness” 

        This is an excerpt from the Heart Sutra that leads to the essence of all Buddhist teachings. I invite you to discover the meaning of this sentence. The meaning of "emptiness". The Dalai Lama always emphasizes the importance of this knowledge and experience. 

30 -Gaia (Re)connection 

        Gaia is a living being! Reconnecting with the delicate ecosystem of Gaia (Mother Earth) is a wonderful and gradual process that occurs naturally with those who are following the spiritual path. Notice how great your journey can be!

33 descobertas espirituais

31- Do volunteer work!

        When you feel the time has come, do a volunteer work. Without expecting anything in return. Selflessly. The first volunteer work we never forget! There are many people going hungry in the world. How can we be happy in a world where almost 1 billion people are hungry? We can start by helping those who are close to us.

33 descobertas espirituais

32- Dedicate your spiritual journey and prayers for the benefit of all beings

33 descobertas espirituais

33- Give your testimony

      We can learn from all spiritual metaphysics. A non-sectarian approach is fundamental for our evolution. 

       This is my testimony:

       The journey is worthwhile because “God is not at the arrival ... He is on the Way ...” 

       Jesus Christ is truly the Way, the Truth and the Life! I am absolutely convinced that he is knocking on many people's doors right now. But only you can open it! 

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